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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clubbing Tonight

Happy 20th Birthday Carmen Chong. And what a way to celebrate than to have it at Ministry of Sound Euphoria. ~Tonight's gonna be a good night~

Anyways pictures will be posted later if im not too hammered. Will most likely have at least one pic of the night. Until then, go out and live people. the Night is Very much Still Young

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Starting with an insult

Lets start my blog up again with a movie review. Any of you guys hear about that new movie featuring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. James being the main actor from 27 dresses, you'll remember him as the guy who wrote about weddings but didn't believed in them. Anyway back to topic.
Overall, a star studded cast and good acting by Miss Diaz i might add. But sadly, great acting does not compensate for a lousy movie. The starting of the movie was already slow to begin with and the long dialogs just didn't help things get any faster.

Ok, long story short. The story is about a couple with some financial problems where the husbands a scientist or somewhat and the wife's a teacher with a leg defect. So they get a box that has a button on top and are told that if they pressed that button, someone somewhere that they did not know was going to die and they will get 1Millions USD as payment. Sounds nice right? One button and kablouieee..... dead somebody, hello money. But the thing is, the people that get the Box are not suppose to press it. It's some kind of test. Well then the press it and gets the money and the story evolves into a whole new level. Secrecy, government secrets, mind controlled people, cover ups, aliens, scared face man. You name it they got it.

Yea it sounds nice and great but do not let words or pictures fool you. I swear to you, i sat there for two hours and i could not understand a single thing about the movie. Movie critics give this lovely movie a solid average C. Well screw them and i'll give it a D for DO NOT WATCH. The one good thing about this movie is that it always keeps you guessing and thinking. But the ending is just sad, and disturbing.

Well last thing to say is that this movie is not for those of the weak brain cell category. Here's a few pictures from the movie.

Ok revive finally

Well i guess its time to pursue my career in writing again haha. guess my blog is up again

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We must all wake up some day

Ever feel like your life is but a dream and that no matter what u do or whatever happens to u. You can always wake up from it and nothing ever happened? Or occasionally wish that life WAS a dream and that by waking up you can undo all the silly and utterly stupid things u did? Well join the club.

Life is like a big game of chess, we cant have anything if we do not sacrifice anything. We can't win if we don't plan and reckless moves will only get you killed. Sadness that is the world. We can't say that we would always win our little game of chess everything but what we can do is learn from our previous defeats and even if we can't win? Minimise our loses to a near zero.

Back to dreaming, Our mind is a very complex computer. We process so much thoughts per day that we actually forget most of it. When we see something we want we devise so many possible endings and plans that gets us what we want and we see the potential outcome of it. But looking into a dreams doesnt mean that u see in to the future. It just tells you that you have been sleeping too much.

We want so many things but the thing is, it's just a momentarally impulse to want it. It takes a much longer time to know if we really do want it. And that impulse can make us do weird things and act strangely. And that's where the dreaming kicks in, we visuallize so much that we assume it's our right to have it but what if some one already owns it and it's one of a kind? What happens then? We sulk, we do all things negative just to run from the sad fact.

Another type of dream is one where we dream of ourselves. We dream that we are of a higher class and that makes our self confidence rise which helps in alot of ways but what happens when u are jabbed so hard that it forces u to wake up. You obviously wake up and u are back to who u used to be before u started dreaming. You own natural self hidden away behind layers and layers of masks.

Because no matter how we see it? No matter how much we want it? No matter how much we think we would be happy having it? A dream is just a dream, it is not real. It is only real when we are destined to have it and we achieve that dream by working really hard. But when a dream is only a dream. We eventually must wake up and face the harsh reality that it wasnt real.

So keep dreaming my friends and i hope your dreams so come through. Eventhough a lot of our dreams has shattered but i do believe that we have the power to save some.

Im sorry bloggie!!!

Well being caught in the emo trend i've been busy wallowing in self pity and neglected my dear bloggie. Eventhough it is usually the emo people that blog about their self pitied life and of others. Well i can't stop being emo thats for sure well who can. There's always a time in your week or month that u just feel that its so hard to continue and that just keeping quite is what you should do. I mean, we are happy and go lucky most of the times and some of the times we are just normal but the least of all times is when we are emo and those times tend to come when theres always a great deal of happiness around. That's what it's like for me, i dont know about u guys. Well even if im emo, if i havent been drinking i would tend to turn to my actor genes and just pretend that everything is ok but people who throughly know me knows that even when im pretending. I am very much more quiet than i usually am. And i do mean alot. Picture a 6 pm federal highway and a 4 am ldp. Thats the difference. Smile or no smile my friends knows something is wrong but gives me the benefit of the doubts. So here i thank u all who have been living with my bullshit and still give me a good face to look at. I really appreciate it. Well what seemed like an announcement to revive my blog actually turned into an essay that answered the questions to why i havent updated

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday CK!!

Happy Birthday CK!! well hope that u enjoyed the party!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hmm basically this is a short and brief post about what is going on in my life now.

-learning to tango from buddhi

- Year End Production coming so have to work

-two assignment before monash ball

- still have yet to buy my monash ball outfit and mask

-representing monash in the merdeka march XD

-selling off my old yugioh cards

-learning on how to hack gemcraft on

-still have yet to recover my missing ps2(suspects dad may have hiddden it)

-going to cut my hair soon(any suggestions please tell me, donations are welcome too)

-still going on my usual rampaging around campus as usual

-still attempting a creme brule, wrong spelling i guess

- and finally this week featured quest is Elaine Wong, a.k.a Elainey Wong or errr. something lar. wait and see the interview i conduct